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About me

Buttonette 2 and me

I am a Thirty-something Work at Home Mum, and I used to handknit Longies/Shorts and soakers to be used over reusable/cloth nappies when my children were at home with me (hence the name Babylonglegs)

Now they are both at school, I dye lots of yummy yarns and fibres in a purpose built studio attatched to the family home.

All my yarns and fibres have been tried and tested in my own knitting and spinning, so I can sell them to you with the utmost confidence in their quality. I love to do custom dyeing, so please just send me a message if you'd like something specially dyed for you.

I treasure my family life and my boys come first in everything. I couldn’t be who I am with out them all there supporting me from the sidelines. Running such a labour intensive business from home and also keeping up with all the housework is always a challenge, but I manage it most days!

I plan on keeping Babylonglegs small enough so I can be a successful Mother and Significant Other as well as Fibre Artiste……

Welcome to my new webshop!

I hope you find *lots* of yummy things here to tempt you :)