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Custom Dyeing

I love to do custom dyeing, whether it be one of my own colourways, or a custom creation dreamed up by a customer :)

A piece of fabric is always my best inspiration for colour matching, especially if it is to go with a special outfit. I can work from photographs though, but I’ll need plenty of them, and taken in different lights if possible. I also like to talk to a customer about their likes and dislikes of particular colours, and seeing a picture of the person is good too, so I can see their skin tone, hair and eye colour.

These things are all very helpful, as I really prefer getting things right first time!

Most of my current custom dyeing is done for existing customers, people I know, so it’s easy to get it right, as I know what they like! An open mind is essential when asking me to custom dye, as you might love a colour, but it might not entirely suit you in the shade you initially desire. Or the colours you choose might not go together too well. Trusting my artistic judgement is much appreciated ;)

If you'd like a custom dye, please just contact me and we can start a discussion!

Below is a selection of my previously dyed colourways...

Colorway Mosaic